Monday, September 21, 2009

New Moon - advanced screening ticket sales

According to Yahoo news, tickets for the advance screenings of Twilight's follow up film
New Moon
is already selling like Crocs (before the recession).
Nine weeks prior to the movie's release.
I never understood the thrill of having to watch a movie a few hours ahead of everybody else.
For a totally new and unreleased film, I kinda get it.
You wanna be one of the first ones to know how the story goes and how it ends.
But for "New Moon"?
What's the point?
You already know the story.
You already know how it will end.
What do you get from seeing it ahead?
Bragging rights that you already saw it?
Which lasts only a couple of hours?

If the producers add in a little incentive for advanced screening versions like a new twist, or a
different outfit for Bella or a couple of extra scenes with werewolf sex, then maybe I could understand the clamor for the tickets.
But no.
It's exactly the same movie everyone else will see the next day!
So why the rush?

Will I go and see it?
As soon as I get a delayed screening ticket.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Have you ever noticed how some people's name perfectly fit them?
Its called aptronyms.
As in "aptly named".
Whether it's a coincidence or destiny, I'm not sure.
I just know how awesome it could be to have
a name that matches the thing that you do best.
For example:
Tiger Woods - is a champion golfer
Usain Bolt - is the world's fastest man
Alto Reed - is an international saxophonist
Eugene Torre - is the 1st Asian Chess Grandmaster
Dr. Russell Brain - is a well-known brain surgeon
Pretty cool huh?
My son's name is "Kydlat".
It's the Filipino word for "lightning".
It's not a nickname. It's his given name.
I wonder what he's going to be when he grow up?
A Nascar driver?
A racehorse jockey?
An electrician?
A kickboxer?
Who knows.
But whatever is fine.
I just hope he doesn't become a snatcher.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Staying Awake

Gaano katagal ang pinakamatagal mo na gising?
Ilang oras?
The last time i stayed awake for more than 24 hours was in college.
Many ages ago.
During a thesis week.
I remember it being fun.
Puyat at pagod pero masaya.

Unlike last week.

I stayed awake for more than 38 hours.
At hindi lang basta awake na nakatunganga.
Or nagpe-Playstation.
Gising na gising...
Habang naghuhukay ng utak...
At pinapagalitan buong magdamag.
Every one and a half hours, sinasabihan ng "WRONG!"
Sa buong 38 hours na gising, walang libreng sandali para magpahinga.
Tuloy tuloy na impyerno.
Walang oras para man lang mag lunch.
O mag meryenda.

Minsan napapaisip ako, ganito ba talaga ang gusto kong buhay?
Nagpapakahirap para mag benta ng mga bagay
na hindi naman talaga kailangan in the 1st place?
Tatanda ba ako ng ganito?
Dugo, luha, bituka ang pinipiga para lang sa isang 30 second na patalastas.
Tapos pag labas sa TV, ni hindi man lang pinapansin.

Tatlumput walong oras na walang tulog.
Kapalit kalahating minuto sa TV.
Buti sana kung mukha ko yung nakalagay dun, at least sisikat ang mukha ko.
O kaya may disclaimer na "This komersyal was lovingly conceptualized by someone who did not sleep for almost two days just to beat the deadline."
Pero wala naman eh.
Ano bang nakukuha ko dito?
Kasikatan? Ayoko nun.
The joy of seeing your finished work?
Sa iba na lang ako maghahanap ng joy.
Art? Fuck it. This is not art.


Malaking sweldo?


Fine. Back to work. May deadline pa bukas. Bawal ulit matulog.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Erap will back down.
Noli will chicken out.
Bayani will moderately fail.
Gibo will epic fail.
Jamby will be forgotten.
Villar will put up a good fight.
Noyoy will winz.
NJ will lose 15 pounds.