Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are we Homo Sapiens Ver 2.0?

According to scientific theories, if humans suddenly disappear on the face of the planet today, it will only take 10,000 years for mother nature to erase all of the traces of our existence here on earth.

History Channel: Life After People

^very interesting and plausible theories

Then i happened to stumble upon some infos about impossible fossils.

a spark plug embedded inside a 500,000 year old rock, a human hand print on a 100 million year old limestone, a human footprint on a 300 million year old shale deposit, etc...

Which led me to believe that it is VERY possible that some form of intelligent creatures (not aliens) lived here on planet earth before us. They were a technologically advanced beings like us. But somehow, they became extinct. Mother Nature erased the traces of their existence and allowed the next tenants to evolve into us.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Cory Magic

I knew there's going to be people on the street.
But I never expected it to be that many.
It was awesome.

The entire workforce in Makati froze.
People left their airconditioned cubicles and waited under a scorching midday sun.
CEOs and janitors stood side by side waving a laban sign.
There were no class barriers.

We were just common Filipinos paying our last respect.
To the woman who made the very democracy we are enjoying today possible.
There was so much love in the air.
And when her remains stopped by Ninoy's monument for a few minutes,
a couple of tears fell on my cheeks.

I experienced Cory's magic for the first time.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cory Aquino is Dead

I don't get why so many are "shocked" by this news.
It's been expected.
For over a month now, actually.
So why get surprised when you know it's bound to happen pretty soon?
And the people praying for her recovery...
What do they have to say now?
Your prayers didn't work.
What does that say about your faith?
It simply means that prayers doesn't work.